Free Samples: DEAE Agarose, Ni NTA Agarose, Dextran (Sephadex) G-25, A-25, LH-20, Agarose Beads  
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We offer most competitive price for these products: DEAE Agarose, Ni NTA Agarose,Dextran (Sephadex) G-25, G-50, A-25, LH-20

Items Form Applications Price
Ni NTA Agarose Beads Purification of 6xHis-tagged proteins $3000.00USD/L
DEAE Agarose Beads weak anion exchanger $600.00USD/L
Dextran (Sephadex) G-25, G-50 Powder gel filtration $800.00USD/kg
Dextran (Sephadex) A-25, A-50 Powder anion exchanger $900.00USD/kg
Dextran (Sephadex) LH-20 Powder gel filtration $900.00USD/kg
Agarose Cl-6B,4B FF Beads Gel Filtration $300.00USD/kg, based in Shanghai, is a major Agarose Beads manufacturer in China focusing o protein purify technology. Our capacity is in range of thousand kgs, we are only manufacturer to offer free samples of NTA Agarose and DEAE Agarose to research community globally.

Our expertise in state of art know-how provides high quality products in very cost-effective way.

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  NTA Agarose

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NTA Agarose Purification (from left to right) 1. standard, 2. cell extraction, 3. eluted, 4. purified material. Conclusion: Ni affinity column  can effectively purify extract even just one column


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